Tori Parks(non-registered)
Shared your site with my medical Director Dr Pitman.
Such amazing photos
Megan Seidensticker
I love your work! It inspires me to want to go travel and explore. Thanks for sharing it and allowing us the opportunity to purchase it.
Will be back later:)
Kim S. Erlich(non-registered)
Phenomenal photography...... many of your shots are breathtaking!
Kathleen Harper(non-registered)
We love, love, love the photos you took of us and our two boys. You really captured the heart of our family. Thank you!
Karen Woo(non-registered)
I'm decorating my office Hawaiian style:-) Thanks for the work that you do for other people!
Tracey White(non-registered)
I have known you for a long time and have seen years worth of your photography. I remember the work that went into creating just the right image with less technology. It is amazing to see how you continue to create such beautiful images. The landscapes are fantastic but I most love the portraits.
Katie Peters(non-registered)
Chris, your work is breathtaking. I am awed by the emotion you capture in a smile, a quiet road, a petal. You have a view into the world that is very special and tells a story in a way I haven't seen before. I can't wait to see more!
Alaska Bear Expeditions(non-registered)
Very nice job on the photography. Impressive hope your able to come up and photograph the bears of Katmai . Great job on the Eagle love it.
Linda Samodurov(non-registered)
I love your work, ill remember this when i get married???????
Wow Chris! I bet you could make a colonoscopy photo look like a mystical foreign planet...;)
But seriously, you are quite talented!!!
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